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Drone photography

Floor plans

3D Virtual tours

HD Wide Angle Photography

How we’re different

Before & After
The Listing Bees

No shortcuts or cutting corners here. We photograph each room four times with different exposures and lighting, then we layer them together to produce a superior image.

Our professional Photoshop editors tweak the light, color, and exposure of each photo with painstaking attention to detail. We even enhance gloomy outdoor shots with blue skies–without any up charge and in a way that looks natural, not distorted.

Our gear is specifically suited for real estate photography, and we carry the best cameras and lenses on the market. The result? Even challenging spaces look more open and welcoming.

3D Virtual Tours

How we’re different

Faster appointment times
Our advanced equipment allows us to complete the average job in less than 30 minutes. Compare that to 1.5 hours! Your clients will thank you.

Easier to share
3D tours are hosted online with a unique URL for each property. This means you can easily share it on the MLS and social media–or embed it on your own website. And because the website is personalized with your branding and contact info, it doubles as a valuable personal marketing tool.

Easier to use
Most virtual tours are difficult for users to navigate with a clunky features that forces users to ‘back track’ instead of moving freely around the home. We provide a better user experience that keeps viewers on the website longer.

Useful data & analytics
Receive weekly stats that give you and your client insight into how well the listing is being received. This empirical data can help you understand when a price adjustment may be needed.

4K Drone Photography

How we’re different

Professional Pilots
Our drone pilots are strictly FAA-certified to ensure safety and guarantee compliance with FAA restrictions.

Top-of-the-line 4K drone cameras allow us to capture beautifully crisp HD footage.

Floor Plans with Dimensions

How we’re different

More accurate
Using iGuide technology, we take scans of each room and provide measurements within 99.6% accuracy, giving you complete confidence in your square footage assessments.

Leading-edge features
iGuide’s beta tool gives you the freedom to take custom measurements directly in the floor plan–or in an image on the 3D tour.

No extra fees
Unlike other companies, our 3D Virtual tours come with floor plans and dimensions at no extra cost.